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ART Meditation is a beautifully calm, positive and uplifting experience. Children and adults alike will have the opportunity to be creative with out the pressure to create a masterpiece (although there may be some happy accidents!) The focus is rather on your sense of wellbeing and connection to yourself and the world around you, through mark making and the exploration of endless art materials.

ART Meditation is great for beginners, people who think they have 'no artistic bone in their body', those who feel a sense of being too busy or overwhelm and children who have a tendency to worry or have anxiety.

The session starts with a quiet meditation followed by an ART Meditation demonstration that can be practiced for up to 30 minutes. Students will over the course of the term and year, collect a series of ‘tools’ to access at anytime and place giving them a sense of empowerment & strength to enjoy all life has to offer. Students are encouraged to choose one of these ‘tools’ each week to practice as the session comes to a close.

Small Group 3-6 people
Children Only Group 5-8 children
No experience necessary

2018 DATES (9 week term)
Term 1
Feb 14 - April 14

Term 2
May 9 - July 7

Term 3
Aug 1 - Sept 29

Term 4
Oct 17 - Dec 15

Join us for this relaxing year of ART Meditation
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