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  • Image of ART Makers 5+

ART Makers is a more traditional art class where students learn how to take care of art materials, use them in both traditional ways and surprising new ways to create works of art to keep and share. Children will work with pencils, paints, clay and inks in 3 week increments through out the 9 week term.

Art Makers starts with a 10 minute visual literacy session followed by a guided 40 minute art making activity and a 10 minute art material care session. Children will participate in art activities and story time to introduce the concepts of colour, texture, composition and technique. They will develop their fine motor skills and become familiar with art materials all whilst developing their problem solving skills.

Children are encouraged to use their wonderful imaginations, opening their eyes to see and understand the world around them.

The story time routine is a favourite amongst the children, quality picture books are enjoyed by all and promote the children's visual literacy skills as well as introduce art concepts in a familiar manner.

Each child works at their own pace in a small group setting and is encouraged to develop their own style.

Our classes run for 9 weeks.
Weeks 1-3 PAINT Focus
Weeks 4-6 SCULPTURE Focus
Weeks 7-9 PRINT Focus

2018 DATES
Term 1
Feb 14 - April 14

Term 2
May 9 - July 7

Term 3
Aug 1 - Sept 29

Term 4
Oct 17 - Dec 15

Join us for this fabulous year of art and creativity!
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Stay connected via instagram through out the year ... we love to share with you all of the creativity of the studio as often as we can as well as keep you up to date with the latest Nest Studio events.

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