Nest Studio is a vibrant space for art classes, a working graphic design studio, home to textile design house Moonbow and we have a teeny retail store stocking a beautiful, inspirational collection of thoughtful products for you, your child and your home.

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Nest Studio was created 2003 to provide a nurturing space for children to learn how to think and be creative. At Nest Studio we believe all children are artists and that your child's innate creativity is best nurtured through playing & learning with beautiful quality art & imagination materials, under the guidance of professional teachers in a thoughtfully designed space.

Nest Studio is situated just 5 minutes from the city on the Magill Road bus route in the leafy suburb of Stepney, South Australia. We are directly across the road from the recently revitalised Richards Park, amongst the cafes, Antiques and homewares stores.


ART Expression is a deeply rewarding experience. Children and adults alike will be working in a safe and nurturing environment to explore the world around them and with in them. Using the highest quality art materials, students will focus on what they think, how their art makes them feel and what stories they have to express. .

ART Meditation is a beautifully calm, positive and uplifting experience. Children and adults alike will have the opportunity to be creative with out the pressure to create a masterpiece (although there may be some happy accidents!) The focus is rather on your sense of wellbeing and connection to yourself and the world around you, through mark making and the exploration of endless art materials.

DRAWING Club is for the lovers of drawing!
We will be drawing, drawing and then drawing... literally ALL THE DRAWING! Children will collect their drawings in a personal Artists Journal and Folio. Each child works at their own pace in a small group setting and is encouraged to develop their own style.

ART Play is a tactile & fun artful session where everything seems new and must therefore be explored with all the senses. Children have the opportunity to play with thoughtfully presented quality art & imagination materials. The art process is a focus and highly valued in this session for its calming & natural learning effect, the act of doing and being present in the moment is a wonderful skill young children posses naturally, this is something we want to nurture and develop.

ART Makers is a more traditional art class where students learn how to take care of art materials, use them in both traditional ways and surprising new ways to create works of art to keep and share. Children will work with pencils, paints, clay and inks in 3 week increments through out the 9 week term. Children are encouraged to use their wonderful imaginations, opening their eyes to see and understand the world around them.


147 Magill Road Stepney South Australia