• Image of Art Classes for Big Kids AGES 8+
  • Image of Art Classes for Big Kids AGES 8+
  • Image of Art Classes for Big Kids AGES 8+

Children will participate in art activities that introduce the concepts of colour, texture, composition and technique. Through art practice they are encouraged to explore their own interests to promote creativity and self expression. They will develop their fine motor skills and become familiar with art materials all whilst developing their problem solving skills.

Children are encouraged to not only use their wonderful imaginations but also open their eyes to really see the world around them.

Each child works at their own pace in a small group setting and is encouraged to develop their own style.

Our classes run for a full school term, 10 or 9 weeks.

2017 DATES
Term 1 we focus on Painting
Feb 8 - April 15

Term 2 we focus on Sculpture
May 3 - July 8

Term 3 we focus on Illustration
July 26 - September 30

Term 4 we focus on Printmaking
October 18 - December 16

We hope you can join us for this fabulous year of art and creativity!
Nest Studio 0402148542

Feel free to stay connected via instagram through out the year ... we love to share with you all of the creativity of the studio as often as we can as well as keep you up to date with the latest Nest Studio events.

We offer a discount for full year enrollment. Please contact us for more information.

Please note that an online booking fee of $5.00** applies for all payments. **It comes up as shipping in your invoice.
To avoid this fee you are welcome to pay in store or into our account. Nest Studio BSB 085375 Acc# 594257312.

Please fill out an enrollment form for your child at neststudio.com.au